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List of Line Items Vetoed by Florida Governor Rick Scott at Budget Signing on May 26, 2011

To view the complete list of Florida Governor Rick Scott’s line item vetoes, click here. All Governor’s budget-related documents are here.

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Florida Agency for Health Care Administration South Florida Medicare Managed Care Transition Public Meetings Scheduled for June 16; Series Begins In Tallahassee on June 10

Below, The Florida Current reports on Agency for Health Care Administration meetings that begin on June 10 in Tallahassee on the State of Florida’s transition into Medicaid managed care.  Fort Lauderdale and Miami Gardens meetings take place on June 16; the West Palm Beach meeting is June 14.  The complete schedule is below. Christine Jordan Sexton, 05/26/2011 The Agency for Health Care Administration has scheduled 11 meetings across the state where the public can discuss the state’s latest foray into Medicaid managed care. The meetings begin June 10 in Tallahassee and culminate June 17 in Ft. Myers. A spate of cities — including Florida’s largest like Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa — will also be sites of […]

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U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO): What the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Is Doing About Identity Theft and Tax Returns

  The U.S. Government Accountability Office issued a May 25, 2011 Report on “Taxes and Identity Theft: Status of IRS Initiatives to Help Victimized Taxpayers”  (GAO-11-674T).  A summary and hyperlinks to the complete report are below: Highlights Page (PDF) Full Report (PDF, 17 pages) Accessible Text Identity theft is a serious and growing problem in the United States.  Taxpayers are harmed when identity thieves file fraudulent tax documents using stolen names and Social Security numbers. In 2010 alone, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) identified over 245,000 identity theft incidents that affected the tax system.   The hundreds of thousands of taxpayers with tax problems caused by identity theft represent a small percentage of the expected 140 million individual returns filed, […]

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Florida Governor Rick Scott Doesn’t Spare Health Care in His Budget Vetoes; False "Florida Forever" Accounting Comprises the Majority of "Cuts," However

Florida Governor Rick Scott officially signed the State Budget yesterday, May 26, in a highly scripted ceremony that took place in a Tea Party “stronghold” known as “The Villages.”  Reports were that members of the public were turned away when they attempted to attend.  The Florida Current reports below on the health care line items that suffered from what was a record amount of vetoes by a Florida governor at $615 million.  To view the complete list of Governor Scott’s line item vetoes, click here. Notably, however, much of the “vetoes” actually represented false accounting and non-existent funds (as reported by Sunshine State News here) in relation to the Florida Forever State land buying program.  Another “veto” was $3.2 million set aside for the […]

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State’s largest medical malpractice carrier reaps big windfall in sale; HB 479, the medical malpractice bill, awaits action by Florida Governor Rick Scott


While HB 479, the “medical malpractice” bill remains on the desk of Florida Governor Rick Scott pending his action, FPIC Insurance Group, the state’s largest medical malpractice insurer announced yesterday, May 24, 2011, that it has been sold for $362 million, which amounts to a 31 percent increase over the stock price of the company before the sale.  The Florida Current reports below and details of HB 479 are explained below that: Republican State Representative Mike Horner’s bill, HB 479, will makes numerous changes to affect medical malpractice litigation and protect physicians from liability in Florida. State’s largest medical malpractice carrier reaps big windfall in sale Christine Jordan Sexton, 05/24/2011 – 02:03 The state’s largest medical malpractice insurance company announced […]

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