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Bridging the Gap with "Forever Young" Reality TV Show


Finally! Let’s close the intergenerational gap between young and old by bringing viewers a comedy that has- young and old. This show is a “social experiment” that shows what happens when energetic under 30 year olds live under the same roof with feisty seniors. Stay tuned. Click for more information about the “Forever Young” Reality TV Show.

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A Fun Greeting from Your Favorite Florida Home Care Provider!


Just wishing you all a happy mustache day  

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I Still Care


I discovered this touching cartoon:   It actually reminded me of my next door neighbors, an elderly couple in their 70s. They fought like teenagers. But after the loud argument that would last almost 20 minutes, I’d hear the man say in a softened voice, “Are you hungry? I can make us a steak dinner…” Half an hour later, they were laughing and speaking kindly again. 

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Should Seniors Donate Organs?


  This article stood out to me because it reminded me of a time when I was a caregiver for a lady with Alzheimer’s disease and we were watching a commercial about dementia. She ingenuously quipped at the commercial with, “I’m sure glad that I don’t have dementia!” Finding her answer charming, I asked, “What would you do if you did get it?” Her answer: “I would donate all my organs and die peacefully, not knowing that I was going, anyway.”  Will senior donors help solve the problem of organ shortage?  It might seem so considering the lower fertility rates we’ve been experiencing. Modest studies reveal contradicting results of recipients that accept organs from seniors. In some cases, age of […]

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