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Smile = Good Feelings

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I had just learned a card trick that would make it seem as if I pulled a single card from the air when I visited an elderly man at an assisted living facility in Palm Beach County, Florida. He had been a “serious man” all his life so when I asked his son if his dad ever liked magic, his fiercely shook his head and said, no. I asked the son only to show him that when seniors have far progressed with Alzheimer’s disease, they become entertained again by the small things we take for granted as adults. So I placed a blank palm before the elderly man’s eyes for a few seconds… and then I pulled the card from […]

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Home Health Services vs. Institutions


It’s not uncommon for the younger generation to say, “I’d rather die than end up in a nursing home.” In some cases, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference when you see the elderly in a vegetative, medicated state, far away from their families, pleasure completely devoid from their faces.  But what if you knew that as you got older, you could live in your home with a professional caregiver? Caregivers are a fraction of the cost of assisted living facilities and you’d be kept warm and be attended to at all hours of the day when needed. Instead of being put into your room because the institution you are enrolled into has limited staff members, you could […]

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Good Caregivers Are Like Good Friends

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Lucy, a good caregiver in Boca Raton, Florida shared with me her experiences working with Mary, an 85-year-old lady with late stages Alzheimer’s disease. Mary used to suffer from depression and took her medications as prescribed for. She lived alone except with a caregiver for almost ten years after her husband passed away and developed Alzheimer’s disease in six of those years. Her family said as a result of the onset of her disease, Mary seemed to remain in limbo with her grief. Caregivers came and went but when Lucy started, the family noticed a remarkable difference in Mary’s temperament. Mary just seemed less agitated and stopped wanting to sleep throughout the day. She finally seemed to enjoy their outdoor […]

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Caregivers are the Patient’s Eyes and Ears

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One summer while I was a caregiver for a woman with severe Alzheimer’s disease, she started telling me that her back hurt almost every day during our walks. Only, she couldn’t describe what sort of pain it was.  I told her physician what had happened but he said that he tapped her back and she didn’t feel pain to any of it. I wasn’t entirely convinced that her mattress was poor enough to cause the problem but the only other place she spent a lot of time on was the dining room chair. I bought a new chair for her and shortly after that day, her back problems went away. Victims of Alzheimer’s disease cannot say when they are hurt. […]

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Good Caregivers Like to Laugh


Keet and I always have a great time with Lo in NYC. Lo is an 80-year-old woman with late-stages Alzheimer’s disease although you wouldn’t know it unless you tried carrying a conversation with her for over a minute. In very short spurts, she appears sharp with her engaging smile and strong eye contact. Keet is Lo’s new caregiver and together they make an awesome and comical team. During my last visit to NYC, Keet tried to get Lo to take a photograph of us with her iPhone. Keet explained how to hold the phone and press the camera icon to take a photograph. Of course, Lo didn’t remember any of the instructions. She pressed all sorts of places on the […]

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