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How to Work With Mild Cognitive Impairment


What is mild cognitive impairment? MCI (mild cognitive impairment) can happen to everyone. Sometimes MCI is known as “senior moments” because we don’t process things as quickly as we did when we were younger. While some people will develop significant memory loss and unfortunately, will be unable to live safely on their own. These people have developed conditions that bring on full-blown dementia such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Then there are those that can still function with some memory loss and live independently. These are the people who have developed MCI and these signs include greater than usual difficulty with remembering recent events, a scheduled appointment, or following a thread of conversation or movie plot, making decisions, following instructions, […]

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Age Is It’s Own Beauty


Do it with dignity and the eyes are always smiling.

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Taking a Vacation Without Mom or Dad


Sometimes, taking an extended break to recharge your levels is the best way to care for your loved one. Here are some tips to help you plan in advance when leaving care to someone else:  Family members. Ask other family members several months to a year ahead of time when you’d like a break so that can prepare. If they are remote from where you and your elder live, then have them arrive early so that you can go over your routine with them. This is especially important if your elder has memory problems and easing them into the same routine with a different person can help keep down the elder’s anxiety.  Agencies. If seeking help from an agency, give […]

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Craftiness is Not Optional


I came across this arts and craft ideas for seniors and it reminded me of the classes held at a Boca Raton care facility that were favorites among the residents. Beading and knitting is a fun, creative activity for seniors and even if they are unable or unwilling to participate, just watching others and getting involved in the conversations was a good time for everyone. Craftiness is Not Optional also offers recipes ideas for those that love spending time in the kitchen. 

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Granny Gizmos


Ergonomic pens for seniors, multi-grip bottle openers and grip doornob adapters for arthritic fingers, EZ jar opener, etc… this site’s inventions for old people targets those that could benefit from the “nifty” inventions.

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