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Watch How Music Therapy Affects A Woman With Alzheimer’s Disease

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A year ago, I visited an Assisted Living Facility in the east side of Manhattan,  New York and it was absolutely depressing to see that the residents were left in solitude inside their rooms for hours. There was a main room where many more were seated in a group around a 20-inch television that played a cartoon that made jarring music. The residents sat in their seats, unblinking and unmoving with their eyes looking anywhere but the television. It’s shocking to know that these sort of places still exist in one of the richest cities in America. My friend from and I discovered his father in his quiet room, alone, dressed as if he were going out and even […]

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How to Work With Mild Cognitive Impairment


What is mild cognitive impairment? MCI (mild cognitive impairment) can happen to everyone. Sometimes MCI is known as “senior moments” because we don’t process things as quickly as we did when we were younger. While some people will develop significant memory loss and unfortunately, will be unable to live safely on their own. These people have developed conditions that bring on full-blown dementia such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Then there are those that can still function with some memory loss and live independently. These are the people who have developed MCI and these signs include greater than usual difficulty with remembering recent events, a scheduled appointment, or following a thread of conversation or movie plot, making decisions, following instructions, […]

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