Watch How Music Therapy Affects A Woman With Alzheimer’s Disease

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A year ago, I visited an Assisted Living Facility in the east side of Manhattan,  New York and it was absolutely depressing to see that the residents were left in solitude inside their rooms for hours. There was a main room where many more were seated in a group around a 20-inch television that played a cartoon that made jarring music. The residents sat in their seats, unblinking and unmoving with their eyes looking anywhere but the television. It’s shocking to know that these sort of places still exist in one of the richest cities in America. My friend from and I discovered his father in his quiet room, alone, dressed as if he were going out and even […]

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How to Work With Mild Cognitive Impairment


What is mild cognitive impairment? MCI (mild cognitive impairment) can happen to everyone. Sometimes MCI is known as “senior moments” because we don’t process things as quickly as we did when we were younger. While some people will develop significant memory loss and unfortunately, will be unable to live safely on their own. These people have developed conditions that bring on full-blown dementia such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Then there are those that can still function with some memory loss and live independently. These are the people who have developed MCI and these signs include greater than usual difficulty with remembering recent events, a scheduled appointment, or following a thread of conversation or movie plot, making decisions, following instructions, […]

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Predicted Shortage in Caregivers Affects Florida


Americans are aging quickly, and this is bound to have a devastating effect on home caregiving for the elderly in the coming decades. According to a recently released report by the AARP, “The Aging of the Baby Boom and the Growing Care Gap,” Americans in the coming years will likely suffer from an absence of loved ones to take care of them as they age. Of course, this would greatly affect Florida residents that have one of the densest population of seniors in America. According to the report, in 2010 there was a ratio of over seven potential caregivers for each American over eighty years old. By 2030, the report predicts that this ratio will rapidly decline to just four […]

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Women’s Longevity Affects How We Care For Seniors


A recently released report by the World Health Organization has found that the life expectancy for aging women is increasing at a significant rate. The report also found that there is room for improvement in less affluent countries, where adjustments could see life expectancies increase yet further. According to researchers at the World Health Organization, leading causes of death in women over the age of fifty include cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Fortunately, these ailments are preventable in many situations simply by improving one’s diet and increased exercise. As a result, many causes of premature deaths that have been dragging down average life expectancy can be treated or fully prevented. Some of the keys towards increasing life expectancy in women […]

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Long Distance Caregivers Rely on Home Care Nurses


Keet is a home helper in Manhattan, NY for Lo, an 81-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s disease. Here they are just goofing off in a hospital that Lo is recovering from a mini stroke. Lo was complaining about being bored in bed so they switched places. Americans are aging quickly, and that means there is a great need for elder services. According to a recent estimate by The National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP, the number of Americans providing home care to an individual in need has surpassed 65 million. Generally speaking, home helpers live fairly close to the person to whom they are providing care, out of basic necessity. For example, if one sibling lives closer to an ailing […]

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