Medical Training Programs Teach Family Home Care


Providing care for seniors is becoming easier for families who are looking for quality home care without resorting to hiring professional caregiving assistance. This is because there are now academic programs which offer family members the knowledge necessary to provide first-rate care for their elders. One such program is at the Valley colleges in Arizona, with others sprinkling up all over the United States. By participating in these programs, family caregivers are given the foundation necessary to provide long term home care to their loved ones. For example, students in the Valley program learn to recognize key infections, as well as to perform basic tasks such as how to take a patient’s blood pressure and monitor their vital signs. This […]

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Breakthrough Alzheimer’s Drug Great News for Elder Care


Researchers in Switzerland are claiming to have found a way to combat Alzheimer’s disease, without causing unintended harm to the human body. This is perceived as a major breakthrough in the struggle to find a cure for the disease which affects tens of millions worldwide. Essentially, the breakthrough drug is able to destroy the toxic plaques in the brain responsible for causing Alzheimer’s symptoms without affecting other areas in the brain. According to Dirk Beher, one of authors of the report describing the groundbreaking research, this progress has been reached through an acute understanding of how a certain enzyme functions. The enzyme, gamma secretase, which is responsible for destroying brain cells, can now be partially tempered. The researchers are hopeful […]

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Why Approach an In-Home Caregivers Agency


With the American population aging rapidly, there has been a significant increase in the demand for in-home caregiving. Although homecare is consistently found to be the preferred option of seniors, it is a form of care which often places a large amount of unintended strain on the patient’s loved ones. This is not a problem to be underestimated, as the phenomenon of “caregiver distress” is a condition that is becoming as frequent as it is harmful. The high level of responsibility and the sheer pressure in caring for a loved one can have unfortunate consequences for the caregiver.  According to one recent study on this subject, there were indications of depression in more than half of the caregivers entrusted with […]

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Senior Home Care Services Continue to Grow


 The senior home care services sector has experienced consistent growth in recent times, and this is a trend that shows no signs of letting up. According to the latest jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the numbers of jobs in the home healthcare sector continues to increase at a remarkable rate.The jobs report indicates that in July of 2013, the sector added a considerable 3,900 jobs. These numbers are even more significant when you factor into this equation that the employment numbers in competing sectors, such as in nursing homes, hospitals and other care facilities, continue to decline. As Americans continue to age, the home healthcare industry is booming corresponding to the increase in demand. In fact, […]

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Portraits of the Elderly


This was done by photographer Tom Hussey who captured seniors reflecting on their youth as they once were in a mirror. Beautifully done.  You can find more photographs here and a link to the photographer: Reflections

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