Home Health Care and Diabetes in Florida

Caregiving for Diabetes in Palm Beach County

We all know it’s become an epidemic scourge in the US: diabetes. It’s even worse in Florida than it is for much of the rest of the country. Florida ranks as one of the top 10 states for diabetes. The diabetes rate in Florida doubled in a short period of 15 years. It doesn’t look as if things will get better any time soon; statistically, Florida is one of the states where weight just keeps going up.

Does this affect home healthcare? It does, a lot. Diabetes requires more intensive management than many other diseases. The home care agency nurses need specific training so that they may effectively train patients, ensuring patient safety and reducing emergency room visits. And staying out of the hospital eliminates the danger of infection that hospitalization always entails.

What kind of planning do you need for your home care? Blood glucose monitoring is one of the most critical aspects of diabetes management. Keeping a daily log will help you and your health care provider come up with a plan that really works for you. Your health care provider can also teach you how to recognize the signs of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), and what to do if you become hyperglycemic.

Maybe tight diabetes control is right for you. Tight diabetes control means trying to keep glucose levels as close to a non-diabetic level as possible. Tight control is a lot of work and requires close coordination with your health care professionals. Your home care nurse will be happy to discuss it with you.

Did you know that stress can affect blood glucose levels? Both mental and physical stress can cause glucose levels to go up. The reassurance of having companion care can drastically reduce stress. Relaxation therapy can help. You can discuss stress-reducing activities with your home helper. Watching a good movie together or playing a game of cards isn’t only fun, it can actually improve health.

Effective diabetes control enables patients to retake control of their lives, and where diabetes is concerned control is critical. Diabetes sufferers are more likely than the population as a whole to suffer cognitive or physical declines. Careful blood glucose monitoring can prevent the occurrence of these declines. According to the Florida Department of Health, keeping blood sugar levels normal means 5 more years of life, 5 more years of eyesight, 6 more years free from kidney disease, and 6 more years free of amputations and nerve damage. )

The South Florida home health care agency will ensure that you are well informed about all facets of care, because diabetes is definitely a disease where knowledge is power. You can work together on a plan to manage all aspects of the disease. The more informed you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to avoid diabetes-related complications.

We’re lucky to live in Florida, with its year-round good weather, and we’re also fortunate that Florida is a state where extensive diabetes research is being conducted. Your South Florida home care worker can keep you up to date on the latest findings, and together you can make sure you’re controlling your diabetes instead of it controlling you.

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