Caregiver Profiles: Michelle

Senior Caregiver Profile

Michelle is also originally from Jamaica and has been living in south Florida for ten years. She has been working as a caregiver now for 6 years, six of those years with our clients. She is currently enrolled in nursing school.

Excerpt from Michelle's BEI:

Care giving is sometimes a thankless job with some Clients. Why do you want to do this kind of work?
It is very rewarding to help other people especially older people. I see them as my family members. I have lots of patience & compassion.

Clients can be very demanding. What do you do to keep your spirits up? How do you take care of yourself?
I like to walk every day, I like to go out to the movies often & I do a lot of reading. I also meditate on the scriptures in the bible for inspiration.

What is your favorite part of taking care of elderly Clients?
Being able to work with different people from all over and to see the positive effect you have on them after being with them.

Most memorable magic moment with a Client?
My client called me on my day off while I was in class to tell me she was in the hospital because she fell. I knew I had to go because she has no family here and she lost her husband, so I was all she had. She didn’t sound like herself at all, so nervous and worried. When I got there she was in some pain and I cleaned her up, changed her gown and she was calm and comfortable. Even though she had all the staff there, it was good to know that I made an effort I made a difference.

What in your opinion are the most important traits in someone considering this kind of work?
You must have compassion to do this kind of work. I think you have to be willing to help them, have lots of patience and you must be a people person.

When a Client is feeling down and does not want to do anything, what can you do to help improve the Client’s mental state and attitude?
I read the books that I get from the library to her. I choose books for her too because she loves to read. Most times it takes her mind off of her issues and takes her to another place.

Are you a member of a church? How often do you attend?
I’m not a member but I attend my sister’s church regularly.

What is the worst part of being a Caregiver?
I don’t think I ever had a worst part or couldn’t wait to leave a case. Every client is different & I just focus on them and their needs to be able to care for them.

What is the best part of being a Caregiver?
It is rewarding when you see an improvement in someone’s quality of life.

What are the qualities necessary to be a good Caregiver?
Have a positive attitude and a good temperament.

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