Financial Assistance for Miami-Dade

Programs that offer monetary assistance, usually for specific purposes (e.g., medical equipment, prescriptions, utilities).

This website sponsored by the National Council on Aging is set up to help you find what state, federal and local government health and financial programs are available in your area.
This non-profit affiliate of CancerCare was founded in 2007 to address the needs of cancer patients who are having financial difficulty affording their insurance copayments for cancer medications.
Provides financial assistance with winter utility bills for low income individuals. Contact the national office to find the local office nearest you.
Every state has individual programs and eligibility requirements for their Medicaid long-term care. Medicaid long-term care is a partnership between the state and federal government with the goal of taking care of each state’s low-income, aged, blind, or disabled populations. Click your state for a look at available programs and basic eligibility qualifications. Medicaid programs are very detailed, and requirements can change without much notice.  Use this Guide for basic information and then seek help from local experts.
Medicare offers a program for persons with limited income who need help paying for their medications. Support can come in the form of reduced premiums, a reduced annual deductible, or reduced prescription co-payments. Even people who own their own home can qualify. Eligibility is based on income and resources other than a car or house.
This organization runs the National Energy Assistance Referral Project. Contact them to find out about energy subsidies to reduce heating, gas and electric costs for low income households in your area.
This is the website of the nonprofit professional organization of licensed credit counselors who are certified to offer low-cost, confidential advice to help people who are in a financial crisis.
The Social Security Administration can help with the following services: apply for Social Security benefits, apply for Medicare, replace a Social Security or Medicare card, apply for Social Security disability, to name a few.
A Federal program run by Social Security that pays monthly checks to people who are aged 65 and older, disabled, or blind and who have limited income and assets.
Please Note: A Family Member HomeCare does not specifically endorse the activities of these organizations, but offers their information as a sample of the kinds of materials and services that are available.