Hospice support in South Florida

“It’s amazing what having the right caregiver can do in terms of quality of life. I have seen our clients live much longer than was expected, simply because of the care and loving attention our caregivers can provide. That human connection can be magical.”

—Brian Gauthier, gerontologist, owner of A Family Member HomeCare

During the last year of life, we all need increasing levels of support. That’s simply the human life cycle. “Support” may mean help managing medications; getting to the bathroom; incontinence care; transferring from bed to a chair; help with bathing, dressing, and grooming; or assistance walking from the house to the car.

We specialize in “high-acuity” (medically complex) situations.
Give us a call at 1-866-Brian-XO (866-274-2696).

24-hour home care

Many of our clients come to us through hospice. Hospice provides the medical component. We provide the 24-hour home care that Medicare does not cover.

Our caregivers are experts with personal care, incontinence, and body mechanics (safely lifting and transferring a client). No need for you or your loved one’s spouse to get hurt trying to help your relative get to the bathroom or stand up from bed. Let our professional caregivers literally do the heavy lifting!

We can arrange for live-in care or hourly rates.

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Quality of life

The last months of life are tender indeed. Our caregivers understand this and are committed to supporting the client and their families on this last, very intimate journey together. Beyond the logistics of late-life care and keeping your loved one clean, our caregivers bring a big heart and solid commitment to comfort and quality of life.

They are compassionate listeners and use their deep understanding of the client’s preferences to make each day be the best it can be. Whether that’s cooking favorite foods, listening to music together, sitting on the patio watching the birds, or enjoying a beautiful sunset, they understand that quality of life is built into the “little moments of now” that bring pleasure and delight.

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With you the whole way

Our goal is to handle the physical care so the family can focus on being together and creating those tender last memories. We make sure you have around-the-clock support. Even up to the very last hours. In addition to personal care, our caregivers know to keep ice chips on hand, a cool cloth for the forehead, lip balm for parched lips, a blanket for a sudden chill. You can rely upon their experience to keep your loved one comfortable. You get to be present with no worries or responsibilities. All you have to do is concentrate on a sweet goodbye.

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