Geriatric nurse available 24/7

“Gerontologists understand the value of having a nurse on hand when needed. This is why we always have a geriatric nurse available so our clients and caregivers can have that extra layer of assurance, no extra charge to you.”
—Brian Gauthier, gerontologist, owner of A Family Member HomeCare

Unlike many home care companies, we always have a geriatric nurse on staff.
This gives your loved one an extra set of eyes to be watching for problems that can be nipped in the bud before they become a crisis. The nurse saves you time and money and adds safety, as they are authorized to fill pillboxes and automated medication dispensers. No more paying extra to keep medications in order. This is something we do for free because it’s the right thing to do. It’s all part of our service.

Are you looking for that extra layer of support?
Give us a call at 1-866-Brian-XO (866-274-2696).

Available night and day

If your loved one needs help beyond the abilities of a nonmedical caregiver, a geriatric nurse is available any time of night or day. For instance, should a client with Alzheimer’s suddenly seem more confused, the caregiver can call the nurse—even if it’s after midnight! The nurse will likely come to the home to help determine if an Emergency Room visit is necessary. It could be as simple as a fever that can be handled with over-the-counter medication to get through the night. Then we can take your loved one to the doctor’s office in the morning. Our nurses make life simpler for you and your loved one, free!

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Easing transitions

We provide continuity of care. If a hospital admission is required, we will follow your loved one to the hospital, be sure the staff has the correct medication list, and then coordinate with discharge planning to ease the transition back home. We conduct a medication reconciliation. Any new medications will be available to get started right away. And we coordinate with hospital discharge planning to ensure new equipment and supplies—a hospital bed, a wheelchair, a bedside commode, etc.—will be in place so your loved one will come home to an environment ready to provide complete support. Plus, we monitor and remind for any postdischarge follow-up appointments with health care providers.

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High-acuity patients (medically complex)

If your loved one has several medical conditions and is considered a “high-acuity patient,” rest assured that we are equipped to handle their care. In addition to the geriatric nurse on call, we can arrange for live-in care or 24-hour home care on an hourly basis. The geriatric nurse will work with the doctor’s orders to set the plan of care and be sure pillboxes or automatic pill dispensers are filled correctly. And our caregivers will remind and support your loved one to follow the recommendations of their physical therapist, speech therapist, or occupational therapist. And we can supply caregivers who also know how to use a Hoyer lift, assist with oxygen, ostomy care, Foley catheters, etc.

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