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“As a gerontologist, I am committed to bringing the best practices in gerontology into home care to make it easier for families caring for an elderly parent. Whether you live far away or in the same town, experience the difference a gerontologist can make.”

—Brian Gauthier, gerontologist, owner of A Family Member HomeCare

It’s hard caring for an elderly parent!
That’s why research studies about stress often use family caregivers as their subjects. We’re here to change that. To relieve the stress and let you go back to being the daughter or son, or the spouse. From mild dementia to medically complex (“high acuity”) situations, our team not only brings you in-home caregivers, but also a gerontologist (the owner) and a geriatric nurse to supervise.

Do you need live-in care? Hourly arrangements? We can do that!
Many of our clients require 24-hour home care assistance. Perhaps they have advanced dementia or are immobilized and need a Hoyer lift and constant attendance. Maybe there is incontinence as well. No situation is too complicated for us. We’re also here for families with simpler needs.

The secret is in the sauce: Our caregivers.
Unlike many home care companies, we are not plagued by staff turnover. Loyalty runs high. We hire for skills, but also for a positive attitude, a caring heart, and a deep desire to serve. We are very careful in our matching of clients and caregivers. Families develop strong relationships with their caregivers. Our caregivers truly do become part of the family.

Everyone receives a FREE geriatric nurse assessment.
We look at the whole person, assessing their bio-psycho-social strengths and areas that need support. We create a plan of care and then match your loved one with caregivers who are able to meet their physical and emotional and social needs. The geriatric nurse stays involved by supervising your loved one’s care. 

Experience the difference a gerontologist can make.
Give us a call at 1-866-Brian-XO (866-274-2696).

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By the way: Check out our resources for family caregivers
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