Home Care Services in South Florida

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As the premier in-home care service in south Florida, A Family Member HomeCare appreciates the trust you put in us to make sure your loved one can stay safely and happily at home.

A registered nurse can come to your home for a free assessment of your family’s needs. You can even interview the caregiver first to be sure you agree that it’s a good match.

Like any good family member, we respond to the needs of each individual. Our home care services include activities such as cooking and cleaning, bathing, and transportation. But we also provide companionship and look for stimulating activities to help your loved one stay interested and engaged with life. Check out the full range of our services:

Give yourself some relief and peace of mind. Give us a call today, at 1-866-992-3264, toll-free. We’d love to be part of your family!

Featuring the ACTALIV System