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Make us part of your family!

As the premier in-home care service in south Florida, A Family Member HomeCare appreciates the trust you put in us to make sure your loved one can stay safely and happily at home.

A registered nurse can come to your home for a free assessment of your family’s needs. You can even interview the caregiver first to be sure you agree that it’s a good match.

Our caregivers are all certified in their fields. But they are hired for more than their skills and expertise. We only hire caregivers who also understand what it means to become a comforting and reliable part of your family. They are individuals who are patient and kind. They understand the special needs of the elderly. And they know how to bring sweetness and good cheer into the home.

Like any good family member, we respond to the needs of each individual. Our in-home care services include activities such as cooking and cleaning, bathing, and transportation. But we also provide companionship and look for stimulating activities to help your loved one stay interested and engaged with life.

In home care is certainly effective for clients who have heart disease, COPD, arthritis, diabetes and other chronic conditions. It is especially helpful, though, for clients with dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s). Our caregivers receive extra training from the Southeast Florida Alzheimer’s Association so you can rest assured that your loved one is getting state-of-the-art care and support. Our staff understands that a person with memory loss needs most of all to feel safe and loved. Using stage-appropriate communication and activities, our caregivers know how to reduce confusion and respectfully guide clients through the sometimes distressing tasks of daily life (dressing, bathing, personal hygiene).

Give yourself some relief and peace of mind. Give us a call today, at 1-866-992-3264, toll-free. We’d love to be part of your family.

For the Elderly and Disabled

The vast majority of our clients have entered a stage in the care continuum where they are in need of supportive senior home care services for the remainder of their lives, so in a practical sense, our agency really does become part of the family. We try to provide for our clients’ physical, psychological, and social needs like any helpful family member would in order to maintain an environment which helps our clients’ in Florida with elder care services that will make it possible for them to age in place. Our trained home health aides, certified nurse assistants, and experienced nurses assist with a wide array of senior services and care for seniors, from in-home caring to activities for the elderly, in order to improve quality of life.

Quality Home Care Nursing Services
Our home nursing services and supports include hundreds of activities of daily living including:

• Emotional and Social Support
• Personal Care
• Transferring
• Ambulation; getting around the home
• Dressing
• Bathing
• Grooming
• Friendly Companionship
• Light-Housekeeping
• Transportation
• Meal Preparation
• Meaningful Activities

A Quality Care Agency Makes the Transition Effortless
If you have Long Term Care or home care insurance, we will make the enrollment and transition process effortless for you. As a quality home care agency, we take the assignment so you do not have to wait months for the insurance company to reimburse you, and we process all of the paperwork for you. To speak to a representative about Long Term Care insurance, please call us toll free any time at:

1 (866) 99-A-FAMILY or 1 (866) 992-3264


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Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

Dementia is a syndrome, a set of symptoms indicating a neurological impairment. Dementia can be caused by numerous diseases, but Alzheimer’s disease is the underlying cause in 60% to 80% of dementia cases.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disabling neurological disorder that causes the person “we know” to virtually disappear before our eyes. The disease robs us of memory and reason and can affect extreme changes in mood and personality. Love and kindness are the keys to managing the dementia client. The experienced caregiver understands this complicated disease pathology and copes with a client’s abnormal behavior by patiently separating the client from the disease, and by identifying possible secondary causes such as health, social, or environmental factors. The dementia client always gets a free pass on behavioral symptoms. He/she literally has an eraser in the head.

A Family Member HomeCare has experienced caregivers working with dementia clients. Our caregivers and care companions receive specialized training in our offices by certified trainers from the Southeast Florida Alzheimer’s Association that provide “state of the art” dementia education with respect to communication, behavior, personal care, and activities. Training also covers exercises and activities that help to stimulate the client’s brain in order to help manage the specific stages of the disease.

The right caregiver:

• understands that it is the disease, not the client, that is the cause of the new behavior.
• manages the client by always remaining objective and calmly communicating using patience, understanding, love, and kindness.
• must avoid attempts at bringing the client into reality by denying the Client’s delusions, or raising the voice and arguing with the client. The client has a new reality and this must be respected. The right caregiver joins the client’s new reality, validates it, but then tries to distract, always trying to maintain a safe and protective environment.

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